I became interested in Astronomy when I saw Saturn through a telescope at the planetarium when I was a kid. In 2009, I joined Bangalore Astronomical Society. I made my own telescope.While it wasn’t a particularly great scope, it helped me see the craters on the moon, features on the planets, many clusters, nebulae, and galaxies. I was hooked.

After I met Dr. Suresh Mohan (one of the best Astrophotographers of India), I began doing astrophotography. With Naveen Nanjundappa, I started doing astronomy outreach programs for school kids as a non-profit initiative.

My astrophotographs have been published in news papers and TV shows. I also participate in scientific discussions on Kannada TV channels.

With this site, my intent is to share some of my astrophoto attempts and also write about upcoming astronomical events. Special thanks to Arun Venkataswamy for hosting my blog on his server.

For a living, I work as a System Engineer for a company that is into developing the technology for self-driving cars.

Thank you for stopping by… See you around……