Brahmanda and the eclipse

Brahmanda Guruji is a famous TV person. He became popular due to many ridiculous claims on TV. I recently came across a video which shows many of the claims he has made. Here it is.

Recently he was on public TV discussing about the effects of the upcoming lunar eclipse.

His claims were,

1. “Chandrama Manaso jatah”. So moon affects the minds of people. But in truth, the verse “Chandrama Manaso jatah” means, the moon was born from the mind (or will) of Brahma. It has nothing to do with the mind controlling power of the moon.

2. There will be more accidents due to the lunar eclipse.

This is ridiculous. There are at least 2 lunar eclipses in a year. And here ar the accident statistics from Bangalore traffic police.


So the eclipses should have raised the number of accidents but that’s not the case…

He had many other claims too which you can see in the video. It is a waste of time to explain all the claims he makes. But you van leave comments and I will try to explain them for you.


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