Lunar eclipse myths

Throughout the history, the eclipses have been recorded and studied. While the scientific community had the complete understanding of the phenomenon centuries ago, it has not deterred the astrologers and other people to spread false information about the eclipses. Here are some of the myths related to eclipses.

1. You should not have food during the eclipse. The food becomes contaminated during the eclipse. You should cover the food with darbha grass to prevent the contamination of the food.

Obviously this is false. Just think about it. Have you ever heard anyone get sick by eating food during the eclipse? Dr. H Narasimhaiah even distributed food during the eclipse to spread awareness. Also, keeping 2 sticks of darbha grass on the food container does nothing.
2. It is not safe for the people to go watch the eclipse, especially for pregnant women. There will be additional radiation during the eclipse.

Eclipses are totally safe to watch. If it is a solar eclipse, since the sun is too bright, you will need protective solar goggles. For lunar eclipse, you don’t need anything. Just go out and enjoy the show. The eclipses occur when the earth, moon and the sun are aligned in a line such that one of them covers the other casting a shadow on the third body. So there is no question of additional radiation. As for the pregnant women, the eclipses are perfectly safe for the pregnant women to see. The only thing is that, they have to watch their step while walking and also they should not get overexcited looking at the beauty of the nature.

3. Rahu and ketu eat the sun and moon during eclipse. You have to pray to god to save them.

Lol. People used to do this 5000 years ago when they had no clue about the universe. You don’t live in stone age. Don’t believe this crap. However, Rahu and Ketu represent the ascending and descending nodes of the moon’s orbit.  

4. Eclipse are a bad omen…

Again, this is the belief that belongs to the stone age where they freaked out looking at the sun or the moon disappear from the sky and they were not sure whether they would reappear nor not. Obviously they thought it was a bad omen.

5. Tides are more powerful on an eclipse day than during regular new moon/full moon days

Tides depend on numerous other things and not only on the phase of the moon. The change in tides due to an eclipse is insignificant.

6. Eclipses are rare. The online posts say that this month’s eclipse is very rare and happened 150years ago.

No, the eclipses are not rare. They happen quite frequently. People are calling this month’s eclipse as blue blood supermoon eclipse and are telling that this happens once in 150 years. But it is the same type of eclipse as any other previous eclipses…

7.  Eclipses have long term effects on human beings.

There is no proof for this. Also there is no reason for this to happen.

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