Geminids 2017 – updates

I just came back from Koratagere after watching the Geminid meteor showers. What an awesome night it was!

We reached the place quite late by 11pm. The sky was completely clear. This place is a usual adda for us for Astrophotography. The show had already begun. As soon as we reached, we started seeing meteors in every direction. Every minute, we would see at least one meteor. Around midnight, we saw a huge fireball. It started at zenith and extended till Western horizon. It broke into many smaller pieces as it burned and left a smoke trail that lasted a few seconds. Just after that, we saw several big meteors. One of them got captured in the image below. Totally, we saw more than 100 meteors that night.

The second image in this blog post is rather strange. The object in the image is curved. I don’t know whether it is a strange meteor or a firefly… The debate is still on… If you have any ideas about the image, please comment on this post.


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