Solar Eclipse as seen by our ancestors

Eclipse day part 2:
After watching the eclipse, now I totally understand why our ancestors freaked out when they saw an eclipse.
Imagine living 500 years ago. On a beautiful sunny day, a farmer is minding his own business farming the land. Little does he know that there is an eclipse happening over his head.
Gradually, the light is fading. He looks up, the sun is too bright still… He cannot make out that the sun is eclipsed. There are no clouds. The temperature is decreasing. After some time, the birds start flying back in big flocks. The crickets start chirping… He looks up, the sun is still too bright to see. The light is getting dimmer. Suddenly, he sees bands of shadows moving like hundreds of serpents on the ground. He is scared. What on earth is happening?
Within a minute, suddenly, it’s completely dark. No shadows, no blue skies…
The stars are visible in the sky. What happened to the sun??? He lifts his head and there it is. A pitch black hole in the sky where the sun should have been. It is surrounded by a big halo… The sky sound him isn’t completely dark. All around him, near the horizon, he can see the orange hue as if the sun just set in all directions… But right above his head, there is this black thing where the sun was just moments ago…
What happened to the sun!!! Did it get eaten by demons? Oh god, please have mercy on us… He must have really freaked out….
Thankfully, within minutes, the sun came out, the confused birds and animals went back to their own routine… All was well…


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