Solar Eclipse and the pin hole camera effect

Eclipse day part 3:
I dint have any big plans for the eclipse. Although I carried my cameras and tripod, my first priority was seeing the totality and may be click one or two photos.
There are many things that happen during an eclipse.
The first contact (c1) is when the partial phase begins. Observing c1 is really fun…
The sun had many active sunspots. 2 new sunspot had emerged which I had not seen the previous day.
I had the NASA approved eclipse goggles for viewing and baader film for photography. It is very important to keep the eyes and equipment safe when shooting the sun.
During the partial phase, I observed the moon slowly covering the sun‌, the sunspots disappearing one after another…
After 50% eclipse, I could feel the change in temperature. Before the start of the eclipse, I was sweating and it was hard to stand in the sun. But now, it was cooler.
At this time, I personally could not feel the difference in light.
But now, we could see the pin hole camera effect under the trees. You see, the gaps between the leaves of the tree act like pin hole cameras and project the crescent shape of the sun on the ground….

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