The great American Eclipse – 2017

Eclipse day part 1:
On Aug 21st 2017, I witnessed the greatest celestial event, a total solar eclipse. I have seen many eclipses in the past. A partial eclipse in 2009, an annular eclipse in 2010, multiple penumbral, partial and total lunar eclipses. Also I have observed the transits of Venus and Mercury.
These are certainly rare events. The next transit of Venus will be in the next century! They are all very exciting and I have loved each one of them. But the TSE is a totally different beast.
If I could rate the eclipses on a scale of 1 to 10 (partial eclipse being a 4 and annular eclipse being an 8 and all other events somewhere in between), I would rate the total solar eclipse as 1000000…
No photo, no video can do justice to the wonder that a total eclipse is…

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